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We are Guam Commission for Educator Certification (GCEC)…

The mission of the Guam Commission for Educator Certification (GCEC) is to ensure that all certified Guam educators responsible for the education of our children are competent to perform their duties as teachers, school counselors, librarians, and school administrators.

GCEC is a separate entity governed by a 7 member Board of Commissioners. Over 3,000 educators have about 5,000 certificates. Some educators hold more than one or more certificates while others have moved off-island keeping their certificate current.

Guided by the Standards of
Professional Conduct For Educators

Public Law 32-236, Section 3

Legal Compliance

An educator shall abide by all federal and Guam laws and statutes.

Conduct with Students

An educator shall always maintain a professional relationship with all students, both in and outside the classroom.

Alcohol or Drugs

An educator shall refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal or unauthorized drugs during the course of professional practice.

Honesty and Integrity

An educator shall exemplify honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice.

Public Funds and Property

An educator entrusted with public funds and property shall honor that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility.

Remunerative Conduct

An educator shall maintain integrity with students, colleagues, parents, patrons, or businesses when accepting gifts, gratuities, favors, and additional compensation.

Confidential Information

An educator shall comply with Guam and federal laws and school board policies relating to the confidentiality of student and personnel records, standardized test material and other information.

Required Reports

An educator shall file reports of a breach of one or more of the Standards of Professional Conduct for Educators, child abuse or any other required report.

Professional Conduct

An educator shall demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards and preserves the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession.

Testing and Assessment

An educator shall administer Guam mandated assessments fairly and ethically.

Information for APPLICANTS...

PL 31-187: GCEC will now accept online filing of application forms. All forms must be scanned and emailed to the GCEC office along with the required documents. Please email forms to GCEC Certification Officer Fran Camacho at ‘’ and copy ‘

Online Applications are a work in progress and would be made available soon.

  • Certification Requirements
  • Fee Schedule
  • Guam Professional Teacher Standards
  • Guam School Administrator Standards
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Praxis I Testing Information
  • Praxis I Policy Composite Score
  • Reciprocity Out of State License

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

– Kofi Annan


Making A Difference

A message from Roberta Abaday


Integrity, Content Knowledge, and Professional Skills. Those are the three concepts important for all educators on Guam. The Guam Commission for Educator Certification, established as a separate entity by Public Law 29-73 on May 15, 2008, has the responsibility to ensure that all educators, counselors, and administrators meet and maintain a professional level of knowledge, skills, and ethics to provide the best possible education for the children of our island of Guam... 
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